SBAC Readiness Professional Learning


  • Provide authentic experience of rigor and complexity of ELA/literacy and mathematics questions
  • Showcase variety of item types:
    • Selected Response
    • Constructed Response
    • Technology enhanced
    • Performance tasks
  • Help teachers to plan for the shifts in instruction

Introduction Presentation- SBAC Practice Assessment Workshop

Take the Assessment


Use Graphic Organizer to Jot Notes
  • "The Look Fors" - Reflect on What Students Need to Know and Do
    • Content: What do students need to know in order to answer the questions?
    • Skills & Strategies: What skills are you applying as you process the questions?
    • Technology Skills: What computer skills are needed to answer the question and take the test?
    • Habits of Mind: What attributes/character traits are necessary for students to be successful?
  • "The So What" - Reflect as a grade-level or department team, "What common skills are needed to be successful?"
  • "The Now What" -
    • What does this mean?
    • What do we need to teach differently?
    • What content, instructional strategies and technology skills do we need to learn?

Exit Ticket Using Padlet

Synthesize Notes & Reflections as Program or Grade Level Team

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